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what do you do and learn on tec40 course?

During Tec 40 course you will learn to plan decompression dives. Program more advances your deep diving skills and prepares you for decompression dives and you will qualify to make decompression dives after your qualification up to max 40 meters with EAN50. This is excelent program to combine together with PADI Deep Diver specialty course adding a bit of knowledge and skills but giving more deep dives under instructor supervision. You can do training dives with sidemount.

You can start Tec40 course if you are at least 18 years of age, AOW-, EANx- ja Deep-certified diver with at least 30 dives in your logbook. You will also need approval signed medical stating that you are "fit for diving" due not only physical but also mental demands of this training.

Your training starts with self study. You will read chapters from Tec Deep Diver manual and some hand outs and fill in Knowledge Reviews before we meet. You also write down all questions that comes in to your mind whilst reading so you do not forget to ask during training.

When we meet I will go through you homework while you fill in you paperwork after which we prepare equipment for water training.
Besides theory we make practical applications, skills training in pool or confained water and three open water dives. During open water dives we practice dive planning, following our plan, bouyancy control and different emergencies. We simulate decompression stops and we excicute them as if they were real ones. Last dive of program is real decompression dive with max 10 minutes of decompression time.

I train Tec 40 courses in Finland, Thailand (Phuket), Jordan (Aqaba). Remember that you pay for your training but earn your certification. If you show lack of attitude or do not learn motoral skills to Tec level you can earn your certification by making program for second time - against new course fee, obviously.

Tec 40 course is prerequisite for Tec45 program

Price for Tec40 course is thb19900 in Phuket

Send email or give a call +358 40 5119089, skype= jpsukeltaja to book TEC40 diver Course with me.

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