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professional? - OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor)

IDC during daytime?
Is traditional way of doing Your PADI IDC.
I make program with You in 9-10 relaxing long days. Long because we will use some time in discussions and clarifications. That gives You more time to ask for details and get most out of Your Instructor program.

For candidates who book and pay deposit early enough I normally send some pre study materials with THEORY and STANDARDS so when You come to your program You are ready and full of questions. You want to get most out of your training and couching so pls come prepared.

I run my Olüdeniz IDC programs with Lykia World Diving Centre S-32218.

What are prerequesites for PADI IDC and OWSI programs  

What do You study

When can You attend into PADI Instructor Examination (IE)

What does it cost to become a PADI Instructor

What PADI - OWSI is allowed to do

A word of reminder. IDC only teaches you basics of PADI programs. You get a lot more if you invest some time and money before and afterIDC for individual training with me. I offer possibility for making Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver programs as student as part of your prestudy so you really will be familiar with these programs. This against some fee of course.

I want more information about IDC

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IDC starts 19.4.22
EFRI starts 19.4.22

Preparation is important: Start that well ahead of time, write down all questions you will get - it is time to ask them in classroom discussions