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1. I am up-to-date. I do all level courses all the time, not just IDCs.

  • I use my own experience in Instructor Training
  • I have myself tried things I am tallking about
  • I do follow what other Instructors do, that´s how You learn the best

2. I use discussion as training method.

  • We discuss and think solutions, that´s how You remember better and longer time.
  • We don´t study "WHAT" but rather "WHY" and WHAT HAPPENS IF..."

  • I train you for life after IE, examination you have to manage yourself but if you passed me that should not be a problem
  • Also we can take discussion to environment where YOU willl be working as certified

3. Always there is time to

  • discuss about it
  • make an extra exersice
  • Check things from Your Instructor Manual

I usually run small groups so it is easier to discuss and ask. Sometimes it is even possible to follow a course during IDC and see how I am doing things we have been discussing.

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Page Updated 25.1.2023