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what is poseidon mkVI or SE7EN rebreather?

Poseidon Mark 6 or MKVI is worlds first fully automatic Rebreather designed for Recreational diving to increase divetime. It is easy to use, all you need to do is "plug and dive". You assemble it and Mark 6 does pre dive checks automatically - you just need to verify everything is correct. SE7EN is newer version of this technology, ready for Technical Rebreather Diving. I teach Poseidon MKVI in Olüdeniz, Turkeu and in Finland.

”Traditional”, open cirquit regulator only uses breathing gas once and lets rest of that gas out into water as you exhale (as bubbles). Traditional breathing in a way ”wastes” breathing gas and does not use it effectively). But who cares, it is still fun under water and you can see many things. One stays under water for longer period someone other for a shorter time.

Rebreather uses same breathing gas for several times. Breathing apparatus has got extra lungs from which diver breaths and into which he exhales. Body only uses about five percent of usable oxygen (21%), so using breathing gas again is economical and increases dive time.
Your exhalation gas goes into exhale lungs and gas travels through carbon dioxide canister that eliminates extra carbon dioxide. Then system adds a bit of oxygen so that PO2 of mixture is breathable for depth. Poseidon Mark 6 does sets PO2 automatically into 1,2 ATA when depth is creater than 12 meters. This is called as ”floating set point”. It also optimizes nitrogen intake and increases bottom time. Obviously one does need to remember that increased bottom time increases nitrogen intake. 
In practice what limits dive time is carbon dioxide scrubber that is pre packed in factory. All you need to do is plug it in and go diving. Naturally you need to let machine do pre dive tests before you hit the water.
Recreational Rebreathers are easy to use. Basically you just assemble it as any diving gear and go diving. Well – it is a bit more complicated but you do have check list to minimize risk of forgetting something and to check that everything is done correctly. Poseidon Mark 6 requires diver to make so called negative loop check but all other pre checks machine does automatically. If machine does not pass any of tests it will not give you permission to go diving. It really tries to keep you alive, so simple is that. Obviously you cannot go diving with Poseidon Mark 6 without being certified for that but that is not a problem at all. Just book your PADI Adventure Rebreather Dive, PADI Rebreather Diver or Advanced Rebreather Diver Course with me and make your training. Or book for Poseidon Mark 6 introductory dive in pool and decide after that. You will be hooked :D

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