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professional? - DiveMaster

Practically PADI Divemaster is supervisor for diving activity, making sure that other divers are safe during diving trips and enjoy their diving. Sometimes DIVEMASTER also acts as guide during dive.
Other duty could be acting as certified assistant during training for Instructor. Then Your role is to act as member of instructional team taking care of logistics or safety of students. 
You are a member of PADI and you pay your annual fees and insurance that is required in some countries but surely reccommended everywhere (i do reccommend professional membership of DAN).
As PADI Divemaster you are in first professional step in becoming PADI Instructor. I do recommend you making next step, ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR Course right after your DIVEMASTER Course

What are pre-requisites to start DIVEMASTER Course
What do you study
What do you practice
When can you apply from PADI to become a PADI DIVEMASTER

If you require, I am ready to start training

Price for program
with me is Eur 1600 including materials and training with me with flexible schedual. Take at least 6 weeks for this step

I want to enroll into PADI Divemaster-course

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