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idc  - what do you study

Before Workshops You study independently eLearning about

  • Getting Started
  • Dive Theory for Dive Leaders
  • PADI System Overview (Part of AI Course)
  • Lerning, Instruction and PADI System (Part of AI Course)
  • Discover Scube Diving and Experience Programs (Part of AI Course)
  • The PADI Open Water Diver Course
  • Risk Management and Legal Considerations (Part of AI Course)
  • Managing Risk (Part of AI Course)
  • PADI Quality Management and Licensing (Part of AI Course)
  • Open Water Training (Part of AI Course)
  • Continuing Education and Leadership Courses
  • Business of Diving
  • How to teach RDP, required for crossover candidates (Part of AI Course)

You can proceed one topic at time following corresponding workshop. Works well with online study. Or You may do all eLearning before You attend live IDC. Or maybe you make combination of both approaches. Your choice as long as order is correct. Ask more details from me.

You attend to following Workshops under my supervision – live or online with zoom

  • Dive Theory, You will teach others some theory
  • PADI System, it is pretty important to know how to use PADI system to teach effectively
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Discover Scuba Diving, You will conduct DSD for me or other candidates
  • Open Water Dive Course Scheduling and Set Up, You will be teaching this course after Your certification after all
  • Continuing Education, teaching is not only DSD and OW courses, You need to teach continuing education as well
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Course, Deep is a must but I try to organize PPB and Search & Recovery as well
  • Rescue Diver Course
  • Sales Techniques, You do need to be a sales person as well

You will practise in classroom, in Confined Water and in Open Water about

  • Making and Giving Theory presentations
  • Assessing student readiness
  • Making and Giving Confined Water presentations
  • Preparing and Conducting Open Water Presentations
  • Diving skills into Instructor Level
  • Demonstration Quality in Your Rescue Skills
  • Teaching Rescue Exercises
  • Time allowing teaching whole CW or OW dive, not just parts of it as required

With me You also practise

  • Descents with descent workshop
  • CESA both in pool and in Open Water
  • Bouyancy workshops
  • Navigation workshop

You also need to complete 400 meter swimming and 10 minutes water thread, several Rescue exercises, Standards Exam and Theory exams in

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Skills and Environment
  • RDP
  • Equipment

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Page Updated 28.1.2023

Preparation is important: Start that well ahead of time, write down all questions you will get - it is time to ask them in classroom discussions