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DiveMaster - what do you practise

You practise under my supervision

  • I check your stamina agains time with
    • 400 meter swimming test
    • 800 meter snorkeling
    • 100 meter tired diver tow
    • water thred for 15 minutes
  • You stress management
    • You will change equipment with your buddy while breathing from an single Air Source
  • Assisting on PADI Courses (real and simulated)
    • in Confined Water
    • in Open water for Open Water Diver and Continuing Education Courses
  • Independent action
    • in supervising Certified Divers during Dive day
    • Conducting Different PADI Programs that You might do later during your Diving Coreer - like ReActivate Program
    • when problem arises during the dive - under supervision of course
    • for getting your diving skills into professional level
    • making a map
    • making emergency plan for a divesite
    • Planning a dive
    • Organising a dive
    • Leading a dive
    • Deep Diving and Search & Recovery Techniques

Remember that it would be good to do more than just required minimum exercises as you learn best by doing - by doing mistakes you learn even more and remember it longer. That's why I let you do things with me several times. Be open minded and look how other people do things - try it out if it fits to you, keep in our arsenal.

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